Welcome to CURTS

Welcome to the Cambridge University Roleplaying and Tabletop gaming Society (CURTS) website.

CURTS is the University of Cambridge's largest student group dedicated to tabletop roleplaying, strategy and trading card games.

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Yearly Squash

During Fresher's Week at the start of the academic year, Cambridge's student societies hold introductory events known as "squashes" so freshers can explore their options and determine how they wish to spend their precious free time. CURTS is no exception.

Adventurer's Guild

Each term we host four bi-weekly one-shot sessions on Saturday afternoons (and also online if that's what you prefer). The organisation is based on Wizards of the Coast's Adventurer's League, but we offer much more flexibility. While the majority of sessions are D&D 5e, all systems are welcome (including ones you made) from Only War to our own society-made TNHS.

Pub Nights

Pub nights are laid-back events where our members can chill out and get to know one another away from the gaming table. Conversation ranges from stories around the gaming table to political discussion, so it's a great way to unwind as the university working week comes to a close.

For more information, see what we do.